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We got ourselves another ‘Leak’!  This one comes from Twitter, sent in to us by greenteesouo.  The the first image is easy enough to debunk just by looking at it: You can tell that the top screen is a direct rip from this miiverse post.

As for the second shot…well, at least an effort was made. 

We can’t find an exact copy of Marshall’s pose there (No, that’s not the chorus boy, despite how similar they appear) but the face looks VERY awkward to us anyway.  Almost as if they took this image…

and skewed the face over a bit.

Not a perfect match and I’m far from being the best person to show how this could be done with my ~okay~ skills in Gimp, but you get the idea of why this would be really easy to fake.  If you’re gonna Photoshop a character in somewhere,make it a 2D sprite.

And just in case you need further convincing….this hill sure looks familiar.

By the way, we’ve got another leak to address later today, and it’s a REAL doozy.  Look forward to it!

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This video is called “do yourself a favor and watch this kitten attacking a ceramic cat” and it’s a very apt title

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